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We aim to make a positive contribution to society, to our community and to encourage links between industry and academia.

We believe we can add most value by contributing our skills and services. We have provided design, branding, marketing, website development and video production for several charities and not for profit organisations on a pro bono basis. We're proud to support Hope for Children, Joining Jack, Wigan Youth Zone, Beyond Wigan Pier Community Opera, The Brick, The Wigan Run Festival, The Wigan 10K and The Bread and Butter Thing.

We’re passionate about the link between academia and industry as we recognise that the next generation of designers and developers need to be skilled appropriately.


We try to take all the opportunities we can to make a positive contribution to education so have provided placements for students, under graduates and graduates which has led to several full-time appointments, both within bd2 and within the wider network of our suppliers and clients.

We have also contributed our time to support careers days, given talks and presentations in schools and colleges, we’ve set briefs for projects, delivered critiques, provided evaluation, sat on steering committees and generally supported education in any way we can.

We’re always happy to hear from any organisations, charities and institutions which may benefit from our support.

Please contact with some basic information and we’ll let you know if and how we’d be able to help.