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bd2flo is designed with flexibility at its core because we believe that an agile approach is essential in today’s fast-moving digital world.


bd2flo embraces collaboration and partnership with in-house teams, partners, consultants and other specialist agencies.


bd2flo is a tailored package of services selected from any or all of the services we offer - from technical support and continuous development, onto digital marketing and content creation.

bd2flo - a flexible, agile and collaborative approach

Because every organisation is different with different needs and capabilities we've designed bd2flo to be completely flexible. bd2flo is a tailored package of ongoing support services created to meet all our clients’ specific needs within a very responsive and agile approach. Some of our clients choose to outsource all their technical support, digital marketing, content creation and distribution to us, but we also work with in-house teams, consultants and other agencies where clients have established relationships. We love working in partnership. We reocognise that our clients need a responsive and agile approach so we‘re happy to work with them as if we’re an in-house team.

We’re completely flexible in how our services are delivered and direct our resources towards whatever is the priority at any given time, drawing down time from an agreed monthly pot with up-front approvals as required. We provide complete visibility of tasks and of the time spent within monthly reports. There is added flexibility as we're happy to roll time from month to month - if there’s a particular focus that needs more than the allocated time, we can ‘borrow’ from the following month, pre-approved of course. And if there’s a quieter period, we’ll push time forwards so our clients don’t lose any work time.

We recognise that our clients’ websites are business critical and ongoing support is required to ensure they remain ‘healthy’ and functioning at their best. Everything online carries some level of vulnerability so all websites need to be monitored and maintained to ensure they remain optimised. Technology is constantly evolving too with software developers and browser providers regularly making updates and issuing patches, including security. Along with hosting and back ups, technical support is essential. We monitor our sites to address any issues as they occur and automatically implement any patches or updates. We track performance too, again dealing with any issues as they arise.

Your website should be thought of as a living and evolving environment that needs constant enhancement to take advantage of new innovations and to respond to user feedback. Platforms should be built with change in mind, which is why our approach is based on open source software.

Our digital marketing services are flexible and are designed to support in-house and other external resources with a collaborative approach. Creating quality content is an essential element of any digital strategy because good content forms the basis of all marketing communications activity. Every piece of content created, whether that's imagery, moving image, graphic or copy, should be carefully crafted and designed to drive prospects, raise awareness and increase conversions. At bd2, we specialise in digital content creation for B2B brands across a variety of industries, offering a comprehensive range of content marketing solutions.

digital design is like painting

except the paint never dries