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Digital marketing is now totally integral to our world and has transformed the way we communicate with our customers and prospects. Ranking highly on Google is a critical element of any effective marketing strategy.

But it’s not rocket science. It’s about understanding what people are searching for and what Google wants to see then putting those things together.

Relevant content is vital for good ranking. If you’re not answering all the questions your customers are asking and keeping your website up to date, it’s going to hold you back.

We can help with content strategy and content creation.

Because Google controls over 90% of the global search market, we need to ensure your website and any digital campaigns are optimised for your users and Google.

If you want to increase your rankings in Google, either through organic SEO or paid search, we are focused on getting the best results for your business.


Before you start any journey, it’s essential you know where you’re starting from, otherwise you might end up driving around aimlessly, wasting time and petrol generally getting lost and frustrated.

Our process starts with an audit to understand what that starting point is - what’s the current SEO position?

We carry out keyword research based on ‘seed’ words using keyword planner and review at any existing tracking data on Google Analytics, Google Adwords or any other platforms.

We compare the findings of this research with competitor keyword research and site analysis using third party software tools to gain insights into those sites that are ranking well. This benchmarking exercise allows us to understand the scale of the task and potential effort required to rank well.

Finally we look closely at your target audiences to try and understand what those customers are looking for by analysing data from PPC and ad platforms.


We share the findings of the audit with our clients and discuss their business objectives before agreeing SEO and Adwords strategies along with keyword criteria.

Obviously each sector varies significantly and there may be big players with huge budgets that ultimately can’t be beaten. So we need to pick our fights carefully and develop a smart strategy which focuses on strengths with challenging but achievable targets.

From there, we make recommendations on optimisation to the site across keywords, meta data and content.

We’ll recommend advertising platforms as appropriate, agree copy and the calls to action along with any creative requirements for each ad platform such as Google, social or re-targeting.

We create and share appropriate tracking options and pull everything together into a digital strategy for approval.


Based on the audit, insights and an individual client’s objectives, we’ll build out the strategy.

This starts with any technical SEO required along with set up tasks such as Google Search Ads, Google Display Ads [re-targeting], set up Google Analytics Goals, Adwords campaigns and social media ads.

The audit will have highlighted any issues that are potentially affecting organic SEO which are also addressed during build - correct meta data and appropriate on page content.


Having ensured everything is in place, it’s time to go-live with the strategy and begin to drive traffic to the site.

From launch we monitor results regularly to ensure that we get off to the best start, ‘tweaking’ any meta data, keywords or Adwords terms as required.

The beauty of digital marketing is that feedback is detailed, accurate and instant allowing us to fine tune based on metrics.


Based on performance and feedback, we will refine the keywords for SEO and ad campaigns as well as reviewing the targeting. This may lead to further recommendations based on live data and possibly reallocation of PPC budgets or a move to different types of ads.

It’s very hard to predict how long it will take for a Google Ad campaign to work at an optimal level, but it usually requires two to three months because there won’t be any previous data or performance history.

Whilst Google will optimise a campaign on around seven days, the most useful data comes directly from campaign performance. It takes time for a campaign to generate data especially of the audience is small.


All business or budget owners naturally want to know what their return on investment is and that the strategy and/or ad campaign is meeting the required KPIs.

Linked with the optimisation process, it’s crucial to track, measure and adapt.

We monitor data from Google Analytics, Google tracking and any third party tools along with conversion rates providing monthly progress reports with recommendations as appropriate.

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Our digital marketing team is headed up by Chartered Marketer Vicky Graty. Vicky gained both her BSc[hons] in Business Studies with Marketing, followed by her full Mdip MCIM qualification at Salford University.

Vicky joined bd2 in 2003 and has built up a wealth of experience across a wide range of marketing assignments for a very diverse set of clients drawn from many sectors.

These include international campaigns for global organisations such as Survitec Group, Hewlett Packard and The Atlas Consortium onto many national and regional clients including Borough Care, Company Shop, Rothwell Group, Bespoke Healthcare, Vision Commercial Kitchens, Gray Healthcare, The Bread and Butter Thing and Amspec - to name but a few!

Vicky is always happy to have an informal chat about your digital requirements, just email